Friday, April 20, 2012

Phungo 5 with Padrographs

The Phillies early season west coast swing continues with a trip to San Diego.  Today we check in with Rod from Padrographs, our books and baseball man on the west coast.

1) Do you think that Cameron Maybin is a Future All-Star?   
Cameron Maybin maybe an all star because is the only one with any name recognition for people to vote on.  Or he will be chosen as the Padres lone rep this year.      

2) Do you collect any specific team from the Pre Padres era?
there was baseball before 1969, seriously though I collect a few players from pre 69, notably Rube Wadell

3) Did Bruce Bochy managing the Giants get you to root for them in the World Series?
 Bruce Bochy didn't, the fact that Tim Flannery is the third baseball coach did.
1984 Topps #684 Tim Flannery (image from Baseball Card Database

4) What is the Best Baseball Book you have read in the last year? 

5) Who would play your charater on "Portlandia"
John Kruk could play me on Portlandia, 95% of which is true.  

easy 4 out of 4 - I will withhold the Cameron Maybin point for a bit.  However, the assumption that the mandatory team rep will end up making Maybin an All-Star is quite likely.  What more can you ask for out of a P5 - we have Rube Wadell, John Kruk, Tim Flannery and Willie Mays!

But most importantly I am very pleased to find out that "Portlandia" is closer to documentry than fiction


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