Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Phungo 5 with 30-Year Old Cardboard

Note - The interview below was conducted prior to the Marlins eventful day yesterday and we really didn't discuss Mr Guillen here. 

Opening Day has come and gone and despite the Marlins spoiling the Team Phungo Home Opener outing, we are going to check in with Brian at 30-Year Old Cardboard and see what is going on with the franchise that now goes by the Miami Marlins.

1) Have you adjusted to saying Miami Marlins
I'm getting there.  I prefer to call my team 'The Fish' so it works out nicely for me as the team mascot has not changed.  Still, there are times when I have to do a double-take when I see someone wearing the new gear.

2) How many items do you expect to add to the Andre Dawson collection this year? 
As many as I can.  My main goal is to get to 1,000 unique cards.  I think I will hit that goal by the summer.  I have some ideas for some new inscribed baseballs that I would like to add to my collection, and I am going to try to bring home a few surprises too...

3) Do Marlins fans really care about the retiring and unretiring of the #5?
Not in the least bit.  If #5 was worn by a former Marlins legend it would be a different story - to be honest very few people even knew that it had been retired in the first place.  My guess is that the only people upset about it were the ones that bought LoMo's #20 jerseys and t-shirts.

4) Since you cover both the Cubs and Marlins, Is Carlos Zambrano more of a Loss for the Cubs or a Gain for the Marlilns?
Definitely a gain for the Marlins.  He did very little constructive work for the Cubs at the end of his tenure in Chicago.  And while they were probably happier to get rid of him than we may have been to pick him up, I would certainly welcome any opportunity to see if a former dominant hurler could re-capture his spark on my team!!!
2012 Phungo #28 Carlos Zambrano

5) Jimmy Buffet troubador or buffoon?

He is a good guy.  And I like that he speaks his mind.  Plus, he has great taste in sports teams.   LOL

5 of 5 - Great answer regarding Logan Morrison picking up the #5 Jersey - We absolutely must give a salute to anyone that can build a player collection of a thousand cards for a single player.

The Buffet following sometimes baffles me, but 30YOC brings up a valid point about how the man handles himself.  I do admit I was impressed with the man the one time I saw him concert.  Side Note:  I once saw the Coral Reefer Band (Sans Jimmy) do the National Anthem at Camden Yards.

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