Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 Phungo #32 Matt Wieters

Phungo cards are not just for Phillies, We try and spread them around. To get some of the AL players we try and get down to Baltimore every once in a while, consequently we have several Orioles cards each year. 

2014 Phungo #32 Matt Wieters

Matt Wieters has not been issued a Topps card yet. The 2014 Series 1 checker is out and once again Wieters is not part of Topps. He signed an exclusive contract with Razor who is no longer in the baseball card business (Weiters does have card in Panini). 

Fortunately Phungo doesn't deal with all that mumbo jumbo. We just make cards and today we have Matt Wieters. For a variety of reasons we end up with a lot of catcher photos: They are in most shots of batters, catchers are viewable from almost any seat, and I like catchers.

The Orioles made Matt Wieters the 5th pick of the 2007 draft. He has had modest success at the toughest everyday position in the sport. Last year the 27 year old backstop knocked out his usual 22 homers, unfortunately he batted only .235. His low BA/OBP numbers will need to improve if Wieters is to be the offensive force that the Orioles expect - and the O's will need production from somewhere, their off-season moves to this point aren't really exciting anyone.

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