Thursday, February 13, 2014

Swag from the Phillies Room: Billy Hamilton the Hall of Famer

A few weeks back Jim from the Phillies Room let me know that he had an extra pack of Phillies Baseball Heroes Playing Cards. I told him that Team Phungo was definitely interested

2010 Phillies Baseball Heroes 7-Clubs Billy Hamilton

I had seen some of these around, but never the full set. I figured there would be some interesting selections and was happy to see that there is a suit pretty much dedicated to the Phillies early days. I would love my collection to have a card of every significant Phillies player - it would be great if it was possible to have cards from when the player was active. Unfortunately team Phungo is functioning on a budget and is plenty happy to have cads such as this one of the HoF Billy Hamilton. 

1974 Kellogs 3D Wayne Twitchell
1974 Kellogs 3D Greg Luzinki

There were some bonus cards in the package including these two Kellog 3Ds, which are my first Phillies cards from this set.  I like how Kellogs goes to the trouble of noting Luzinski's specific outfield position. If Kellogs could do this 40 years ago, why can't Topps handle the detail today.

Thanks to the crew at the Phillies Room. Great Cards to help us Phillies fans to get through a long winter until baseball returns. 

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Jim said...

Glad you're enjoying the cards!

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