Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Snapshots 2014 08 19 Mariners @ Phillies

The Seattle Mariners spoiled Ryan Howard Bobble Head Night by beating the Phillies 5-2 in a game that really wasn't that close


The Phillies may not have looked that good, but the August Sunset did provide some nice views

 Ryan Howard did connect with a Double in his 1-4 night which pretty much made him the Phillies offensive star on a rather dismal night for the squad.

Hisashi Iwakuma

Credit has to be given to the Mariners starting pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma who is having an incredible season. He pitched 8 innings struck out 11 while walking NONE and yielding only 4 hits, Howard's double and three singles. For the season Iwamura is posting a very healthy 10.0 K/BB ration (120-12). A year ago Iwakuma led the AL in Pitchers WAR. 

AJ Burnett

The Tuesday night start by AJ Burnett put him over some sort of Game Started Threshold that netted the veteran more coin then Team Phungo takes home in a year. Postgame it was revealed that Burnett mentioned that he doubts he will pitch in 2015.

The Phanatic gives Robinson Cano some pointers. 

I was watching a rebroadcast of the game (Team Phungo is a glutton) and Tom McCarthy mentioned that Cano gave Phillies coach Larry Bowa a Rolex Watch as a thank you gift for all the help that Bowa had given Cano while both were with the Yankees. 

I was impressed with Cano's field presence, while he had an unremarkable game (single in 4ABs, RBI, Run Scored) he showed some leadership. He captained the infield on shifts and appeared to be frequently discussing hitting with rookie 3B Kyle Seager  

  Felix Hernandez

Good Guy Award goes out to Felix Hernandez who signed A TON of autographs. Other GGAs for The Phillies Cody Asche and the Mariners Fernando Rodney. Several of the Mariners signed a couple of autographs. Pretty good for a club that is right on the edge of the playoff hunt. Princeton Alum Chris Young also appeared to hosting some local fans and invited them down on the field for BP.

Just wanted to note that the Ryan Howard comes with a busted bat, which seems pretty appropriate.

A few seasons ago every Phillies game was a sellout and Bobble Head nights were a particularly tough ticket. This week they Honored one of their biggest starts the Phillies drew less than 32 thousand fans.

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