Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Happy 50th Birthday John Cusack

John Cusack celebrates his 50th birthday today.

1988 Orion Pictures "Eight Men Out" #12 John Cusack as Buck Weaver 

Cusack is a little over a year older than myself and due to a combination of our age and his prolific output he is probably the actor with Whom I most identify.

Three of his films standout to me: Eight Men Out – cited by the card above which as a period piece set a century ago resonates with me because of my interest in baseball; Grosse Pointe Blank – A class reunion flick that helps me revisit the middle 80s; and High Fidelity – my other obsession(s) pop music and extended adolescence.

Happy Birthday to John Cusack and thanks for growing up (or not growing up) with me.

1988 Orion Pictures "Eight Men Out" #12 John Cusack as Buck Weaver (b-side)
Cusack's Eight Men Out card does a nice job of summing up his early career. I think I may have seen the triumvirate of films mentioned Class, The Sure Thing and Sixteen Candles in the theater.   

Also a nice shout-out to Chicago - Like Eight Men Out, Class and Sixteen Candles were both set in Chicago as was High Fidelity. 

A bit of sloppiness on Pacific's part though - I have never seen Sixteen Candles written as "16 Candles"  
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