Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog Bat Around: Why Blog - Because I am a Phanatic!

2009 Phungo #64 Phillie Phanatic

I really enjoy spectator sports especially baseball. Discussing Baseball, the Phillies, Great Games, and Great (or not so great) players is just an extension of ones love of the game. Collecting Cards similarly allows one to recapture the excitement of a carreer, game, great play, big Strikeout or Home Run.

Blogging about cards merges both activities - the colllecting cards and the talkin baseball. The Show and Tell aspect is weirdly awesome - I mean not many folks in my day to day life are going to give much thought to the coolness of a 1971 Topps card, an Autograph from a one time all-star like Gorman Thomas , or the novelty of a Chase Utley Jersey card. But if your a cardblogger you get it. You really enjoy finding them, finding out about them or seeing that somebody in the cardblog community adds another hit to their player collection. I enjoy reading about the cards and the tie-ins with baseball history.

As far as composing posts my favorite's are the Hall of Fame Thursday posts, I enjoy doing the research and finding out about players I knew little or nothing about. I would love to collect a card of every HOF player from their playing days, but realize this is well beyond a person in my budget range, but for the Honus Wagner's of the world there are plenty of interesting retro-cards. The Phungo HOF Thursday feature gives me the chance to focus this collection. It also allows me to exameine who these players were and reflect on their accomplishments both on and off the field.

The recent Phungo 5 feature has given me the chance to interact with Card Bloggers directly, and find out what is going on in their world. I really enjoy when we get involved in something completely off-topic - a faovrite band or an odd nuance. There is also a lot of fruitful discusions about the teams, prospects, Hype, and flameouts.

Running Spot the Sig! was a lot of fun and I was happy to see it get some modest support this winter. I think it is a good feature to keep folks in touch with baseball during the off-season and I expect to run a new STS! in the fall.

And Finally there is the card trading. This is one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging originally, but all my disorganization issues have kept me from trading as much as I would like. Ideally I would like to send out at least 1 package a month both to help build my collection and to meet other collectors. This by far has been the most fun part of my Phungo experience.

My favorite post is from a prior Blog Bat Around and is about my favorite baseball glove.

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