Friday, May 22, 2009

Phungo 5 with A Cardboard Problem

The Phils open interleague play as the first National League team to play in brand new Yankee Stadium. This also means the Phils are the first team to play in both new New York Ballparks. I was only at the original Yankee Stadium three times but was pretty excited to go there each time. This series should be an exciting one packed with star power and I am looking forward to it.

To represent the Yankees we have called upon Sooz, one of the lovely ladies who contributes to the blog "A Cardboard Problem". Sooz is also an award winning columnist for a New Jersey newspaper who is familiar with both the Phils and the Yanks.

1) If I am heading to Yankee Stadium what is my best way of getting a reasonably priced ticket?
Well, I'm lucky in the sense that I know a lot of people with season tickets, including Marie. So when I need a ticket I just hit up one of my buds and see if anyone can get me a ticket. I've never been shutout of a game before because of it. However, I hear the secondary market has been pretty decent. Although, as of right now (wednesday), Yankees have won five in a row, so the prices might be going up.

2) How has covering a baseball teamed influenced your collecting habits.
There are certain players I have met that have a bad attitude. It makes me never want to even look at their card. I had to talk myself into going to talk to Kouz when San Diego was in Philadelphia because if he was a jerk to me, I was going to look at my collection and cry all over it. Then, try to sell it.

More than that, I try not to let my personal life entire with my business life. I collect cards for fun. I work to make money (even though that's fun too).

3) How often do you tell Marie that she's crazy for trying to collect the entire Yankee Stadium Legacy set?
Hmm. I actually don't know if I ever called her crazy for that. I call her crazy for lots of other things though. Probably about twice a day.

4) That short RF seems to be custom made for the Phils power hitters - Over Under for Homers between the Yanks and Phils this wkend I set at 10.5. Do the two teams go over or under that? .
For three games? Over. I was just having this conversation yesterday. Ryan Howard might break the over/under by himself. Man, with him and Ibanez, who is red-hot right now, there could be a lot of homers in this series.

5) Does your life have anything in common with PJ Franklin other than your profession?
When the show My Boys first started, I had to watch my back to make sure someone wasn't following me. Our lives are amazingly similar, it's weird. I love sports, cover baseball (most of the time), play poker and have mostly male friends. I'm very casual and have a sailor's mouth (just as I suspect she would if the show wasn't on TBS). I am PJ. PJ is me.

I probably should award a 5 out of 5 right away, because the more I read the more I realize how much 10.5 is an underestimate for the number of homers in this series. But I will take the safe route and give Sooz a 4 of 4 pending the HR outcome of the series.

It is good to hear that Sooz has a PJ like lifestyle and I would love to hear some o the things that she calls Marie crazy for, but I guess we will have to catch that over at A Cardboard Problem. I would like to thanks Sooz for playing Phungo 5 and look forward to seeing all those Howard and Ibanez bombs this weekend.

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capewood said...

The Phillies took the first game of the set.

Sooz said...

You should just give me 5 out of 5 now.

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