Friday, May 8, 2009

Phungo 5 with Waxaholic guest appearance by Chipper Jones, Terry Pendleton

The Phils are hosting the Atlanta Braves for the 2nd time this year and for the second time Phungo Travels north to check in with one of our Canadian friends, Waxaholic. He may be in hockey country but Waxaholic is a big Braves fan who is also fond of the OPC version of one of my favorite Topps sets, 1971. It is interesting to hear the trials our Canuck friends go through to enjoy baseball, a sport and card hobby that for all of our complaints is much more available in most parts of the states.

1) You're a Braves fan living in Calgary, I remember once reading that the Braves have more fans watching them in Alaska then in Fulton County Stadium. Is this how you first became a Braves fan - and now that TBS is no longer carrying the Braves Is MLB Extra innings or On-line MLB.TV a viable option for a Braves fan in Canada.

Absolutely! I grew up in northern British Columbia where my hometown had one tv channel. After my Dad put in a satellite dish when I was 13, I had access to all of the Cubs games on WGN and Braves games on WTBS. It's because of my liking Skip Carey and Pete Van Wieren over Harry Carey and Steve Stone that I am a Braves fan today. God I miss those guys.
It's tough now, being so used to be able to see my team all the time to now. I find it odd, that now, in today's technological world that I rarely see my Braves, compared to the late '80's when I could watch every game.

MLB Extra Innings is not available where I am, and the on-line MLBTV isn't really worth it to me. For me to shell out $150 to see the Braves games that aren't on Peachtree or Fox doesn't seem worth it to me. If I could get the Blue Jays as well, I would consider it, but the Canadian government insists on blackouts for all 162 Blue Jay games. So they're not available to any Canadian subscriber.

2) How is the 71 O- Pee-Chee collection coming. are any of the OPCs unexpectedly harder to find/more expensive then the Topps counterparts?
My '71 OPC set is coming along, although slowly. It's tough trying to find any baseball at any dealer/show in Canada. And when you do, they're overpriced. I just bought a lot off of the 'bay, but when I received them, they had been trimmed. And Jim from GCRL sent me a half dozen the other day, but they had been trimmed as well. Good fillers for now though.

1998 Skybox Dugout Axcess #4 Chipper Jones (B-side)

3) Chipper Jones biggest Homer Victim is the Phillies - Does Chipper come out over or Under 1.5 for this weekend series.

Chipper will unfortunately fall under. I think the Cardinals started it, and the Mets and Phillies have hopped on board of pitching around Chipper with McCann not hitting behind him. I'v never seen Chipper walked so many times in one series than the last Cardinals one.

4) Who's scores the most goals in the Pens v Caps Series?

Caps will roll over the Penguins. They've got it together this year, and they have better goaltending than the Pens. Caps in 6.

5) I will give you the same question I gave Trader Crack's - the McKenzie Brothers or Kids in the Hall?

Oh god, Bob and Doug McKenzie hands down. In fact, the whole SCTV clan in a landslide. Kids in the Hall are like the Tragically Hip. Really, as a whole, only people outside of Canada like them. (oh, what did I start?)

So give the nod to Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, John Candy, Eugene Levy, Joe Flaherty, Andrea Martin, Harold Ramis and Catherine Martin over those other guys any day.


This is the first Phungo 5 where I have asked for prognostications and I must leave Waxaholic's score open, and I fear I am going to have to ding him for disparaging the Hip. Here I thought I was all with it for knowing about this great band out of Canada that nobody knew about - turns out I am just another dumb American suckered into faux-trendy.

Waxaholic 2 out of 3 pending the Caps and Chipper.

Thanks Waxaholic - A good dose of information, humor, and pop culture always makes for a good Phungo 5 and we very much appreciate it.

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Next week we are looking forward to a Phungo 5 with the Mannyless Night Owl Cards.


just a quick note on the card - I like this one it is the Braves current third baseman, with an inset photo of their previous 3b, Terry Pendleton during Pendleton's 5 minutes with the Kansas City Royals. And you get a positive quote from the guy being replaced about his replacement - That's pretty cool.

Terry Pendleton was one of the guys in the running for the Phillies manager job when Charlie Manuel took over. The Phils acknowledged that Pendleton interviewed very well felt he was on the cusp of getting a managing job in the near future. That was over 3 years ago and as far as I know Pendleton is still a coach with the Braves. I liked Pendleton the player and would like to see him get the opportunite to lead a team.


night owl said...

Oh, geez, I love the Hip. But I'm American.

The funny thing is, I got hooked on the Hip interviewing Canadian hockey players who went to college in the states. They would always have the Tragically Hip playing in the locker room. But maybe the Hip was cool in Canada back then and now they're un-Hip? :P sorry

dayf said...

How did I miss this post??

I have to say I like TKITH better than the McKenzie Brothers, however I do own a copy of Strange Brew.

As for Terry Pendleton, he is generally considered to be Bobby's heir apparent. However I firmly believe that Bobby Cox will be the Braves' manager until the day he drops dead right on the field while arguing with an ump, so TP might be waiting a long, long time.

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