Sunday, May 31, 2009

Congratulations Jamie Moyer

2008 Topps #173 Jamie Moyer

Jamie Moyer earned his 250th career win today. Moyer has been a key player for the Phillies since arriving here late in 2006 and I am very happy to see Moyer reach the milestone. Some analysts may see the accomplishment as merely the accrual of wins over a long career. I choose to see it as the product of a smart and tenacious pitcher diligently working hard so that he can succeed every time he pitches.

If 250 wins isn't remarkable to you, check the Baseball-Reference list of active pitchers with the most career wins. Jamie is currently 2nd or 3rd depending on the status of Tom Glavine, and has a chance of being the active pitcher with most career wins if Randy Johnson retires prior to Moyer. Also notice that if admitted steroid abuser Andy Pettitte does not reach 250, the next pitcher to reach the milestone may be Tim Hudson and he still needs over 100 wins to get there.

To symbolize the 250 victories I have shrunk the Moyer card above and dupicated it 250 times.

If you click on the above and then imagine it six times as big that would be roughly the size of 250 Jamie Moyer Cards.

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