Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Harvey Haddix 12 perfect innings but no Perfect game - 50th anniversary

1965 Topps #67 Harvey Haddix

I just wanted to point out an interesting article I came across on the SABR website. The Clark County Historical Society in Springfield Ohio is marking the 50th anniversary of Harvey Haddix's near perfect 12 inning game which he ended up LOSING. The Historical Society event will have baseball themed concessions and feature several former baseball players including Bill Virdon and short time Phils Rick White.

On May 26th, 1959 Haddix pitched 12 perfect innings for the Pirates while facing the Milwaukee Braves. But Lew Burdette while giving up 12 hits did not allow any runs. In the 13th Burdetted pitched another scoreless inning. Unfortunately for Haddix an error a bunt and a double would cost him the perfect game, the shut out and the game.


Jim @ said...

Can you imagine a pitcher pitching 12 innings, not to mention 12 perfect innings?

James said...

Great find! Thanks for sharing. I need to check this out - I don't think I'm too far from there.

James said...

I called the Heritage Center for tickets and they are sold out! I didn't think you could sell out of tickets for a museum event. Aren't non-profits struggling for cash these days? That's twice a museum has cranked me off today. I don't get it.

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