Thursday, September 10, 2009

Geocities Sites on the Move

1956 Topps #180 Robin Roberts

From time to time I will have a Hall of Fame Thursday Post. This week rather than discuss Phils HOF Pitcher Robin Roberts, I am going to use the occasion and this wonderful vintage card to discuss one of my favorite vintage baseball card websites.

The Vintage Baseball Cards Site created and run by Chris S has set up a temporary shop at www.obaks. com. This is due to the demise of Yahoo's geocities. I believe Dayf has mentioned this earlier but the move seems to have taken place much earliar then the anticipated October timeframe. The VBC site is a fantastic resource for informations for baseball cards from early Topps and Bowman sets as well as dozens of other vintage brands (like Goodwin Champions). When I first returned to collecting I browsed the site constantly.

Another site I frequent that was formerly on Geocities that has a new home is the Upcoming Celebrity Book Signings & Events site.

I have set up links to both websites in the Around The Horn section of the Phungo Sidebar.

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