Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lerew starts for Royals v Red Sox

2004 Bowman #221 Anthony Lerew

I am sure this news will barely blip most places outside of KC, but Anthony Lerew is starting a major league game for the first time in two years tonight. I just wanted to note it here as Lerew is the only player from my high school that has ever played in a major league game.

Lerew was at one time a prospect in the Braves organization, but has been plagued by injuries. Hopefully he can get his career back on track as a Royal.

So in addition to cheering for the Phils tonight, I will also be pulling for the Kansas City Royals.


darkship said...

I'm a Roylas fan and when I heard the matchup tonie even I asked who this guy was! Lets hope he does good. I'd like to have another option for tohse fourth and fifth starter spots!

zman40 said...

Glad to have you onboard tonight Phungo! I hope he surprises some people.

deal said...

Doesn't look like things worked out real well for Anthony - by the box score I am guessing he had trouble getting the ball over. Those damn Sox always make you throw strikes.

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