Monday, September 28, 2009

Mike Schmidt Day at 30-Year Old Cardboard

I just wanted to let Phillies Fans and Phungo Readers know that 30-Year Old Cardboard has put together a great set of posts regarding Mike Schmidt to commemorate his 60th birthday (on Sunday Sept 27th).

Thanks Brian and Happy Birthday to Michael Jack!

2009 04 19 Harry Kalas Memorial at Mike Schmidt Statue (Click to Enlarge)

*Harry Kalas called every one of Mike Schmidt's 548 career Home Runs.


James said...

Even as a Mets fan, I was a big Schmidt fan. I never understood why the phillies phans booed him so much at the Vet. I remember going to games when Rick Schu seemed to get more cheers than Schmidt!

Mike Schmidt is the best 3B in baseball history.

'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

Thanks for the link. Schmidt will always be a favorite of mine - a dominant player in several aspects of the game!!

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