Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Local Card Show Write Up

The News Journal out of Wilmington, DE had the following article on a local card show.

I have never been to the Aetna Show. They charge a $2 admission, which was enough to scare me away. A few months ago Stale Gum tried to Video the show, but was turned down.


capewood said...

$2! There is one decent card show in Houston a year and they charge $9.99 to get in. And you have to pay $5 to park as there is no street parking in the area.

deal said...

yeah I know I shouldn't complain. but the mall shows are free and usually have enough tables to keep me interested.

The Big Show is $7, but I think that is worth it, because of the volume and quality of dealers and the autograph opportunities.

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