Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Swag from Nachos Grande...

I was pleasantly surprised to get a nice package of cards from Nachos Grande which included Several great Phillies Cards.

2008 Topps #140 Ryan Howard (Authorized by Cincinnati Red Ken Griffey)
1990 Donruss Diamond Kings #7 Lenny Dykstra
1985 Topps #157 Tug McGraw

Fine cards indeed....wha????? What the Heck is this - the unis are Red, but the players aren't to familiar looking???

2009 UD #95 Brandon Phillips (multiple)
2009 UD #601 Brandon Phillips (multiple)
2009 UD #961 Brandon Phillips (multiple)

Ahh this Explains It!!!

Bippage Relic Card Numbered to /2 - My lowest Serial EVER!!!

It feels like Groundhog's Day, I have been bipped again!

I wonder who got the Other Relic??

Thanks to Fan Of Reds and the Nachos Grande Crew - And Thorzul for making this all possible.

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Nachos Grande said...

Glad you liked the cards...and well, your Phungo cards inspired me to make my own!

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a thousand words
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