Sunday, February 7, 2010

Phungo Roman Numeral Challenge Wrap Up

Phenomenal Superbowl. Anytime the underdog puts up a fight and your not rooting for the favorite it's a good game for me. Drew Brees was just about perfect - The Saints D came up big when it had to and the Colts made just a few mistakes and that was the difference.

OK recapping results of the The Challenge - There were a total of 9 cards posted 7 of which were solved:

Jimmie Foxx - nickname "Double X" or XX = 20 - Play at the Plate
David Eckstein - nickname "X" = 10 - Padrographs

Jimmy Rollins - Uniform Number 11 looks like II = 2 - PatSearcher
Chase Utley - From Upper Deck X = 10 - PlayAt the Plate(2)

Mike Ivie - Last Name is "IV" = 4 - PatSearcher(2)
Kaz Ishii - Last Name has 3 Is or III = 3 - The Phillies Room

YSL Thurmun Munson - by Rod over at Padrographs (2)

Rod got it for a different reason then I intended. The clue for this one was Baseball-Reference which refers to the Yankee Stadium that the YSL set celebrates as Yankee Stadium II - so that is how I arrived at the 2.

That Leaves Nolan Ryan and Earle Combs. In Hindsight Combs was likely a poor choice.

So here are your clues for these two. I will give you till Noon tomorrow.

The Ryan Answer has something to do with Family Feud and a Career record he holds.

The Combs Answer has historical signficance - Earle is believed to have been involved in a historic baseball first.


Patsearcher said...

Earle Combs - 1

Patsearcher said...

Nolan Ryan - 7

Rod (Padrographs) said...

Earle Combs 800

Rod (Padrographs) said...

800 for 8 consecutive seasons of 100 runs scored

deal said...

Pat Searcher is correct on Combs. He is the first player to where a uniform number which was a 1 which looks like and I which represnets a 1. That is a bit circular and I didn't realize it right away or else I would of bypassed that one.

Nolan is still open - think about Family Feud when you miss.

Patsearcher said...

Ryan - 5714

Anonymous said...

Nolan Ryan - 70

(no hitter = 'X' * 7)

deal said...

For Nolan Ryan -
mmmrhubarb is the closest as far as Thought process to what I was looking for. PatSearcher closest in number.

I was looking for XXX for 3 strikes. Just like when you miss on Family Feud. XXX = 30.

ok it was a stretch. but it made sense in my crazed blizzard shutin brain

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