Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Harry Kalas Memory

I met Harry Kalas once.

Sort of, This was in November of 1997, I was on a flight back to Philadelphia from a fun-filled football trip to see the Vikings host the Patriots in Minnesota. I was sitting in my seat blankly gazing towards the front of the plane when, to my shock, I recognized Kalas walking up the aisle. Then to my thrill (and fear) he sat down in the empty seat across from me. I wasn't sure what to do - I have had very few "brushes with fame". Finally after a few moments of self-debate (and composing myself) I said something like "Excuse Me, I'm Paul and I am a big Phillies Fan" l offered my hand and Harry Kalas shook it. He was very gracious and told me he was covering the football game for Westwood One - We discussed the game for a little bit and I remember specifically talking about Cris Carter. This all happened prior to take off - after that I let him be, although if I would of talked to him the entire flight, I am sure he would have been more than happy to oblige.

When it came time to disembark, Harry told me it was a pleasure - He had even gone to the trouble of remembering my name - and then he walked off the plane.

2009 Phungo #58 Harry Kalas

This is the Harry Kalas Phungo card. I thought I would post this card on a much happier occasion. Last week when Harry threw out the first pitch for the Ring Ceremony game would have been a happy occasion. Here he is getting ready toss out the first pitch on October 2nd of last year this is prior to game 2 of the NLDS.

That was the Brett Myers game, the Shane Victorino game and also the C C Sabathia game.

The Phils had already won game one of the five game set, but were still looking at the possibility of facing CC twice in the series. That all changed on October 2nd. In the bottom of the 2nd with the score tied, a man on third and two outs, Brett Myers came to the plate in what one would assume would be an automatic out....Instead, during an epic confrontation, Myers fouled off several offerings from the Milwaukee ace before working a nine pitch walk. Two Batters later Shane Victorino hit a Grand Slam. It would be the last time Sabathia pitched for the Brewers.

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James said...

That's a great Kalas story. I grew up listening to him and can still hear him calling "Michael Jack Schmidt's" home run. "There it is.. #500 for... "

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