Friday, May 14, 2010

Card Show in Exton this weekend

There is a Card Show at the Exton Mall this weekend, and if I can get out of work early I plan on having a look around today.

Typically the Exton Show has 15-20 vendors with a mix of stuff:

There is a one pretty good Phils vendor.
A woman that has a nickle box filled with 80s to more recent junk.
A vintage dealer that has well organized clean vintage (54-73 Topps) selling around VG book value.
A couple of guys selling Jerseys and other memorabilia.
A couple of guys peddling Autos/GU/Inserts at reasonable prices for low end - not so good for High-end.

For out of town Phils fans, I just wanted to note that tonights Phils game is on the MLB network and will feature the ageless Jamie Moyer and former Phil Randy Wolf on the mound.

Finally the Phils are up against the Bruins in Game 7 in the NHL Eastern Conference Semi-Finals tonight - Lets Go Flyers!

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maine mariner said...

Thanks for the reminder on the Phils tonight on MLB. Not sure how much of it I will catch considering the Flyers are (hopefully) about to make history.

Let's Go Flyers!

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