Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kmart Bargain Bin - Thanks to Marie for the Heads Up.

I was in my old neighborhood which has a different big K then my new locale and decided to check it out and see if they had any of the bargains that Marie over at A Cardboard Problem had found.

Turns out they did - lots o different blaters. They also had single backs at about 1/2 off and I decided to create my own buffet from the selection.

The packs are going for the following:
2008 UD X 99 cents
08 Baseball Heroes 97 cents
09 Artifacts $1.69 for 2 packs
UD Timeline $1.49/pack

For real cost of each pack add 6% for PA Sales Tax.

overall I pikced up 11 packs for $12.72 (including PA Tax).

If the Phillies ever score another run I will open a pack - or maybe I should open a pack to get them to score some runs. Any ideas on what pack would be the best luck for the Phils??


Jim said...

Hell, open them all. We need an explosion tonight against the Mets!

BA Benny said...

Open the Timeline since that won't help with any runs tonight. Then open the rest after the game.

deal said...

ugh - It didn't work. I opened them all and came up with no runs again.

BA Benny was right - Timeline doesn't help - and 3 packs of timeline must have doomed the Phils.

Anonymous said...

I checked two K-Marts in the area for the $9.95 box of 2008 UD Heroes, but struck out. Ended up with a $4.95 box of 2008 Topps Opening Day. Only one Twin, but there were some Phillies.

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