Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Swag from Nachos Grande Group Break and Phillies 2013 Topps Checklist

Showing off a couple cards I picked up in a recent Nachos Grande Group Break. One box each of 2013 Topps S2 and 2012 Topps Archives.

Here are somie of the goodies from Series 2.

2013 Topps Chasing History Roy Halladay

The flip of this card mentions that if Halladay got a Win before his first L in 2013 he would reach 200 wins with only 100 losses. Of course it didn't work out that way and he currently stands at 201-104.

2013 Topps #646 Green and Base Version

For the Phillies I am calling these Green (or is it Emerald) parallels, Christmas Cards.  I am a closet parallel junky. I hate to admit it - in general I like them. However, I am not insane crazy about them, I don't need to build sets of them or anything like that.

The 2013 Topps design has so much white on the border that the color does help. I am not a fan of the coloring within the picture background.  

In the break I ended up getting the entire 2013 Topps S2 Phillies team set.  Here is a look at the checklist for Phillies cards from the combined 2013 S1 & S2 sets.    

2013 Topps PHILLIES Checklist (from
 6 Ryan Howard
 26 Chase Utley
 33 Cliff Lee
 71 Kyle Kendrick
 83 Darin Ruf RC
 152 Jose Contreras
 197 Tyler Cloyd RC
 206 Jimmy Rollins
 249 Vance Worley
 264 Roy Halladay

332 Cole Hamels
 361 Erik Kratz
 367 Carlos Ruiz
 410 Roy Halladay
 424 Steven Lerud (RC)
 472 John Mayberry
 514 Jonathan Papelbon
 625 Domonic Brown
 637 Ben Revere
 646 Phillippe Aumont RC

2013 Topps

The break in the list is the separator between Series 1&2.  The biggest ommision is Michael Young (who curiously is featured in a Phils Uni on an Opening Day card).  Delmon Young has a Phils card in Gypsy Queen but not base. Biggest MIA after that are Antonio Bastardo, Freddy Galvis and John Lannan. Near as I could tell John Lannan has not been issued a Phillies card in any product.

The oddest thing Topps has done is putting Jose Contreras in 2013 Topps as a Phils pitcher.  He last pitched for the team on 6/1/2012.  He was just picked up last week by the Red Sox after being dumped by the Pirates.    


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