Monday, December 2, 2013

2014 HoF Candidiate: 2002 Topps Traded #T31 Mike Timlin

I am not a fan of Mike Timlin. The reliever came to the Phillies in 2002 as part of the Scott Rolen deal.  He made it clear that he had not intention of staying with the club following the season.   

2002 Topps #T31 Mike Timlin (image swiped from Capewood's Collections)

Consequently there are not many Mike Timlin Phillies cards so I had to steal this one from a Capewood posting.

Mike Timlin had a 17 year career and has Four World Series Rings. Two with Toronto (including 1993 v the Phillies) and two with the Red Sox.  He is in the 1000 game club (141 resulted in saves) and had a career ERA+ of 125.   

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