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Vittles: Charleston SC December 2013

All-Star Menu from the recent Team Phungo trip to Charleston SC


Pig Ears - Husk
Veggie Sushi - 39 Rue de Jean

Salads Soup Pasta

Ricotta Gnocchi w/ Lamb Bolognese at Fig

Ricotta Gnocchi and Appalacian Highlands Lamb Bolognese - Fig (Photo above -This is a Hall of Fame dish) 

Carmelized Pear Salad - Slightly North of Broad
Noodle Bowl - Two Boroughs Larder

Pulled Squash BBQ - Butcher and Bee (simple sandwhich should be seen on a lot more menus)
Cornbread - Husk


Heritage Pork, Pumpkin Turnip Apple Mostarda, Bourbon Glacé - Husk

Sweet Potato Pie - Husk
Meyer Lemon Pudding - Fig

Other Stuff 
Blackberry Jam - Hominy Grill, Crepes at the Charleston Farmer Market in Marion Square.


Charleston is a great town for Foodies, Beer Geeks, and Vacationing. There is a great blend of of city and town, beaches and history. Several nearby colleges keep the area fresh and provide some cheaper options then other destination sites.

Overall this was my favorite place we dined. The food was forward, fresh and interesting, Service was great and the room was fun.

Butcher and Bee
A bit of a trip beyond downtown but worth the trek. Only open for lunch and late night. Chalkboard menu, big on

Historic, Local, interesting. Definitely make time to go to the next door Husk Bar pregame (or postgmame or BOTH!).

Two Boroughs Larder
Cool small dining room/bar celebrates everything Local and DIY. Some interesting meets a cheeses. A few blocks outside the Charleston City center. Rumor is the owners are somehow Philadelphia connected.

Hominy Grill
Foodie destination restaurant. FoodTV favorite offers a solid breakfast, with rotating daily specials. Oddest thing at the Hominy Grill which has a three Photo Wall of Fame with Adam Richman, Anthony Hopkins and...

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson at Hominy Grill 

Sorry about the blurriness. This pix totally amuses me - I think of Lou as some dude who was just to cool to leave NYC. And if he went anywhere I just couldn't see him in a southern restaurant which is specifically known for their grits.  Laurie's smile seems just so honest and is an interesting counterpoint to Lou's notoriously prickly personality.

Charleston Farmers Market
Lots of options from food carts give you some great options for dining at a table or bench in Marion Square.

Slightly North of Broad
I think this Old School Charleston, cleverly acronymed SNOB, but they do feature a maverick table - nice option for solo diners and walk-ins.
SNOB - Caremlized Pear and Blue Chese Salad  (Mindoro Blue was the perfect cheese for this salad)

Folly Beach
There are five beaches near Charleston, we chose to check out Folly Beach which features a 1000 foot fishing pier.

I was a bit skeptical about the $20 pricetag for admission, but it ended up being worth it for team Phungo. we took two tours on the grounds. Boone has a jumbled history that ended up crisscrossing into several of our interests. Chickflick the Notebook was filmed here as was the Halle Berry miniseries Queen. Thoroughbred Princequillo was trained there - Secretariat was one of the many successful descendants of Princequilo. 

 Henderson's store from the Film Queen

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