Saturday, December 21, 2013

2014 Topps Phillies? Uncut 2014 Topps Sheet (h/t Wrigley Wax)

This morning Wrigley Wax posted this pic from the @ToppsCards Twitter account - it is a sheet of 2014 Topps! 

2014 Topps Sheet

I dont have the patience of Wrigley Wax, the crack team over there went through the entire sheet and identified 3 of the 4 Cubs, a commenter then was able to pick up the final player.

I took a quick glance for Phillies players and the only one I picked out is near the bottom left, I believe we have Mr Cole Hamels (standing on his head).  Perhaps Ryan Howard Right Hand Side 3 Rows from the bottom also upside down.  There is a 3rd Phillies player row 6 just to the right of center (RHP)- once again upside down.

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