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2003 Donruss #9 Diamond Kings Tom Glavine - 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee

I started the HoF Candidates feature a bit later than I wanted and have a couple of scans left over. Of course I didn't get to a couple of players that actually got inducted. 

2003 Donruss #9 Diamond Kings Tom Glavine

The Hall of Fame resume for Tom Glavine is a pretty easy set of check marks: multiple Cy Young check, 300 Wins check, World Championship check. For the SABR fans Glavine led all players and pitchers in WAR (1991) and his Career WAR/JAWS numbers are comparable with other Hall of Fame Pitchers.

2003 Donruss Diamond Kings
The first 20 cards of 2003 Donruss make up the DiamondKings subset.  There appears to be no Phillies in the subset although Curt Schilling is card #19 (as a Diamondback). Glavine's fellow HoF inductee and Teammate Greg Maddux is also in the set as well as recent Braves retiree Chipper Jones
The DK painting for Tom Glavine was done by Mark Turnes who remains active and appears to be working on a new project. Turnes most recent  work appears to be Football related, subjects include Barry Sanders and John Riggins.  

Philies portraits done by Mark Turnes include Jim Thome also done for Donruss.    

My HoF Vote
Everyone remembers Tom Glavine as a Brave, I put him in the Hall for a game he pitched for the Mets on September 30th 2007. Going into the game the Mets and Phillies were tied for first place in the NL East. The Mets game started a half hour before the Phillies, well by the time the Phils game started, the Mets were done. Glavine didn't get out of the first inning, he only recorded one out and gave up SEVEN runs.  I was driving back from the beach listening to the game on the FAN, it is one of my favorite sports memories.

The Phils held up their end of the bargain that day, Jimmy Rollins hit his 20th triple of the season which likely led to his MVP win in 2007. The Phils won 6-1 and got themselves into the Playoffs. Unfortunately it was the last game the Phillies won that seaosn.  

2014 HoF Candidates  
Craig Biggio HoF   
Todd Jones

Greg Maddux HoF   
Mike Mussina   HoF    
Rafael Palmeiro HoF  
Mike Piazza (2013 Profile)   
Curt Schilling (2013 Profile)    
Mike Timlin    
Larry Walker (phungo vote = HoF)

2013 HoF Rejects (no longer on ballot)

Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards
14,000 Phillies

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