Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Introducing 2014 Phungo Cards!

Today we are very excited to announce the sixth edition of Phungo Cards

2014 Phungo #1 Cliff Lee
The #1 card this year goes to Cliff Lee. Once again the Phillies poor season made it hard to pick out a subject for #1. Cliff Lee ended up being one of the strongest players on a mediocre team.

The 2014 Phungo design was hard to come up with. The basic layout was done early in 2013, but everything didn't really fall together till this past fall.  Experimenting with Layer Styles for fonts really helped get what I wanted. The border with the team color (red here) fading to a grey bottom does evoke 1987 Fleer a bit - I don't have a problem with that. Beyond that, I have used the teams accent color to shadowed the nickname and also as a text divider in the Player Name and info box at the bottom of the card. Once again the date of the photo is on card along with a specific player position.

This years base set is 66 cards and includes baseball players, other athletes, statesmen, authors and entertainers. Over the next couple of weeks I will posting some highlights.

Looking Back
2013 Phungo (Cole Hamels)
2012 Phungo (Harry Kalas)
2011 Phungo (Roy Halladay) 
2010 Phungo (Raul Ibanez)
2009 Phungo (Richie Ashburn)


Jim said...

Hooray! Happy New Year!

Play at the Plate said...

Phungo cards rock.

petethan said...

I hear that these things actually find their way into the hands of collectors. I'd love to find out how to make that happen. I love custom cards!

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