Saturday, January 18, 2014

WeekLinks 2014-01-18

Saturday - A-Rod's suspension gets REDUCED to 162 games and somehow the world considers this a victory for MLB. Baseball World also goes nuts debating it - since they didn't go nuts enough over HoF debate a week earlier.

Sunday - American Hustle scores at Golden Globes, personally I liked Catching Fire better than Hustle or Wolf of Wall Street

Monday - Phils invoke more yawns by signing Ronny Cedeno

Wednesday - Clayton Kershaw gets lots o $$ from the Dodgers, David Price gets a big check from the Rays but for only one season.

Thursday - Oscar Nominations come out, more press for Hustle, Wolf, Gravity and others. Coen Brothers get snubbed.  Tough day entertainment-wise as Mr Kincaid (Partridge Family) and The Professor (Gilligan) both pass.

Kyle Kendrick (2012-09-10)

Somewhere in there the Phillies came to terms with Kyle Kendrick and John Mayberry and avoiding arbitration.

Saturday - College Game Day comes to the Palestra! T

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