Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2011 - The Year in Card Blogging - Favorite Posts from the Past Year!

I was hoping to get a little more response for this and then I sort of back burnered it, but I am finally publishing the Favorite/Best Card Blog Posts of 2011.  

While I may not have gotten as many folks submitting columns as I would have liked, I was satisfied with the variety.  My goal was to come up with the blog equivalent of those "The Best American Sports Writing Year XXXX" compilations that are put out annually.  If you checked out these compilations the stories are all over the map - Big time Sports, High school sports, Unknown sports, celebrites etc, but at some level they are connected to Sports.  

Our goal is similar, but with the unifying theme being sports/trading card collecting. 

Can't Have Too Many Cards - has a great post on a very nice looking set of Hassan Tobacco cards from 1910  

Cardboard Icons wrote this really sweet column chronicling his daughters first game.  How could any father not choose this as their own post of the year.   

Cardboard Junkie - This is great, you get all the emotions of a pack break as only DayF can do them.  

Diamond Cuts and Wax Stains, who keeps us updated on our favorite winter sport, hockey (as well as OPC cards). put together this interesting post discussing Goalie Size

Finally I went with my Wille Mays post that I teased this feature last month.  
1959 Topps #563 Willie Mays

I like this one because I am talking about cards, and I think I may be bringing some interesting information to the new collector regarding a star and what a specific set has to offer. 

There you have it, it's only five posts but we cover a lot of territory - Beautiful 100 year old Non-sports Cards, Pack Breaks, Changes in the game, Vintage Hall of Famers and Personal Joys related to sports.  I could not have been happier with the selections.   

If anyone would like to add their own favorite posting to The Best of 2011, please let me know either in the comments or via email and I will add it to the list.  For additional information click here

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