Sunday, February 12, 2012

f.y.e closing and collecting

If anyone still buys CDs they may be interested that f.y.e is closing and they are having a pretty decent sale on CDs. (picked up a set of 3 Ramones discs for $4)

The think that may be of interest to collectors is they have some Pannini Products (non-sports cards/stickers) on clearance.  I think the number was roughly 60% off at our local store.  They had the sticker albums for the last 2 years of NFL stickers on sale for 49 cents.  They also had a bunch of oddball items - There was a Joe Mauer action figure mixed in there for some reason. 

For you tech geeks they were also cables and various gadget connectors etc on sale at about 1/2 off.

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Paul Hadsall said...

Just to clarify, the chain is closing 52 stores but will continue to operate 390 others (for now, anyway)

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