Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anthony Lerew Update

Just got some news on Phungo Phavorite Anthony Lerew.

Lerew is a graduate of the high school that I attended way back in the middle 80s.  Fortunately for him, his tenure there is significantly more recent then my own.   

The Harrisburg Patriot News recently ran this feature on Lerew who is not currently in Major League baseball, but continures applying his trade in Asia.  Lerew who spent the 2011 season in Japan will be pitching in the Korean League this summer. 
2005 Authentic Memorabilia Anthony Lerew

In the last 30 years things have changed quite a bit in the little town I grew up in - but a lot of things remain - and I can tell you, Korea and Japan are places kids from the rurals spots of South Central PA don't often think they will ever get a chance to see.   

In related news my school has a growing baseball program and last year they saw a player get drafted by those stinkin Mets.  Joe Tuschak was taken in the 6th round of the 2011 draft and Team Phungo has resigned themselves to the fact that there is at least one Met they will be cheering for in the coming years.

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