Sunday, February 5, 2012

Junk of the Month - January 2012

I am attempting to resurrect Junk of the Month for 2012.  We will see how things go....

I didn't open up any 2012 Topps until Wednesday, therefore none of that dreck qualifies for JotM 2012-01. To be fair I like 2012 Topps more than most opinions I have seen - promised thoughts on this hopefully will be published in the coming week. 

So in January I didn't open many packs, but still manage to find some junk.  One of the things I found was a pack of the bargain bin ubiquitous 2006 Fleer Ultra.  You think 2012 Topps has a lot of inserts - go out and grab a $1.59 pack of 06 Fleer Ultra. 

Junk of the Month
2006 Fleer Ultra Home Run Kings #HRK15 Mike Piazza

What the hell is this? Piazza hit a grand total of 22 dingers for the Padres.  Does anyone remember his bit 06 season for the Fighting Friars?  The card is actually commemorating Piazza's two 40 home run seaons from last century, 1997 with the Dodgers and 1999 with the Mets.

Pull of the Month
2011 Topps American Pie Walk of Fame Leslie Nielsen

For the fun of it, Team Phungo picked up a pack of Topps American Pie last month.  The otherwise worthless pack (that contained both the Twitter and the Google cards and No Frank Zappa) did yield this gem.

This is a nice looking insert set that I think I could get behind. All kinds of whacks have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame so I am sure there is some variety in this set.

And in a release that is not baseball product, we do get a baseball related card in the form of Lt Frank Drebin.  

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Mike PIazza HoF Index

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