Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Topps Hanger Pack All-Stars

This set of cards isn't really a set of all-stars, it is more of an all-star team made up of favorite players or favorite photos from the Hanger Pack.

The Battery

LHP - Mike Minor
RHP - Edwin Jackson
C - Bryan Pena
LHP - Tom Gorzelanny

The hanger was pretty soft on pitchers, but the shots of Gorzelanny and Jackson are interesting.  I have no idea who Bryan Pena is, but it is hard to go wrong with actions shots of catchers behind the plate. 

2B - Jeff Keppinger
SS - Ian Desmond
1B - Michael Morse
3B - Brent Morel

Wow 2 Nats make the Hanger All-Star Infield and neither of them is Ryan Zimmerman.  Brent Morel card has been documented elsewhere - once again a relatively novel photo - a third baseman handling a bunt.  happens all the time, but rarely on card.


 LF - Delmon Young
CF - Marlon Byrd
RF - Jose Bautista
CF - Grady Sizemore

Bautista was the sole 00 hero number in the Hanger.  Sizemore always has been a Phungo favorite, despite is declining numbers.  The top two shots are pretty cool fielding pictures with interesting backgrounds. 

Looking Back

2012 Topps First Card
2012 Topps Phillies Cards

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