Wednesday, August 18, 2010

for the NBA fans - 2010+ Rookie Card Photos

I don't know much about Basketball cards, but yesterday the NBA and Panini had their Rookie Photo Shoot here are a couple of the shots from I would believe these are the photos that will be used on this years rookie cards, as they look pretty similar to ones I have seen on previous years cards.

#2 Overall Pick Evan Turner

It's a story not worth getting into now, but I follow the lowly Sixers because of where I live, but I am actually a fan of their chief Rival the Boston Celtics.

Luke Harangody

For a look at some of the other pictures in the group click here for the photo gallery.


Charles @ Hoopography said...

Does Harangody look like someone straight out of the '50's NBA or what? I actually think he was a nice pick for the Celtics at that point of the draft. Some of those picks are pretty cool.

deal said...

Yeah I agree - on both points - there is definitely something old school about the shot and Harangody's look.

And to get anybody out of that spot who can contribute is always a bonus. I would think the Celts could find some minutes for Harangody. Hard to tell with a team with so many vets.

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