Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Phungo Challenge - Film Buff Edition

First off, if you have been paying attention this week, I would like to let you know that the 1977 Hostess Twinkies Uncut Sheet will be Framed! - not sure when I will get to this, but it is officially on the To Do List.

Now back to the Phungo Challenge:

1975 Topps ### ?????? ?????

On Tuesday Night I went out to see a vintage Japanese Film. To be honest I am not sure what makes a film Vintage, but I will tell you that the movie is older than I.

Your mission is to figure out what film I saw. The above card is your hint.

Winners of previous Phungo Challenge offerings and Pop Quizzes so far in 2010 have been

PatSeacher from In Search of Pat the Bat
Rod from Padrographs
NicoLax from NR-MT
BA Benny from BABenny Baseball Card Buffet
zMan40 from Autograph Cards


dayf said...

The card is Jackie Brown.
Quentin Tarantino directed Jackie Brown.
Quentin also directed Kill Bill.
Kill Bill's story was based heavily on the Japanese film...

Lady Snowblood.

Did I win?

deal said...

That would be In-Correct, DayF.

Phils fan will recognize that as Harry Kalas' response to Richie Ashburn whenever Ashburn would miss the Trivia Question.

I should mention, lets limit the guesses to one per person until, another clue is handed down.

Community Gum said...

Okay, the card is Jackie Brown

imdb claims there's a movie connection to Rashomon, so I'm going to guess Rashomon

deal said...

Congrats to Community Gum!!!

"Rashomon" is correct.

Dayf was on the right track but took it a step to far.

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