Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Swag from Night Owl Cards

Last week the incoming mail included some great cards from Greg of the Prolific Night Owl Cards. So many of the bloggers blow me away not only with their frequency of posts, but also with so many ideas that are both interesting and funny. As you all are aware Night Owl is one of the best at coming up with so many of these gems.


2007 Bowman's Best #14 Chase Utley
1981 Topps #40 Tug McGraw
1992 Classic Best #395 Checklist
2010 Topps #89 JA Happ

The Bowman's Best Utley card is real nice. On top of being nice and shiny the card has some real weight and sturdiness. Any card of the Tugger Rocks - I like the artwork on the front of the checklist - Finally just wanted to post JA Happ and mention that the fan favorite is returning to Philadelphia this week after being traded last month in the deal for Roy Oswalt.

1995 Score #26 Tommy Greene
2009 Topps Chrome #62 Chase Utley
2009 Uppder Deck Gold #813 Ryan Howard

Tommy Greene with some Chrome and Gold.

A sad note, Tommy Greene's young wife just passed away after battling cancer I think. He was in town for the Alumni weekend a few weeks back. I was always a fan of his and hope that he is able to deal with this real life loss.

And There's More

If you take a close look you may notice a Non-Phils card in there. At some point I hope to put up a posting regarding this card that should be a significant help in completing a special Phungo Set.

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