Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pull of the Month - July 2010 - All Ginter Edition

2010 Allen & Ginter #73 Avery Jenkins

As I mentioned before, one of my other hobbies is Frisbee and Disc Sports. For more on this check out my Allen & Ginter blaster break back from earlier in the month.

Therefore any Frisbee Card is card of the month for me. I mean I am sure that there will be Inserts, Short Prints, Relics, Autos, and Serial Numbered Cards in my future. But any card celebrating the Frisbee and the Great God Wham-O is a true Rarity.

I must mention if anybody has any of the other variations on this card, lets talk trade!

2010 Allen & Ginter World's Wordsmiths mini # WGWS8 John Milton

I am thinking about putting together the World's Wordsmiths Subset. This is the one WWS that I got out of several sets of A&G. John Milton was responsible for penning the epic poem "Paradise Lost". Within the early part of the Poem Satan utters the phrase "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven." This is the only thing I can remember from my HS English Lit class. The phrase became a bit of a mantra amongst my -mates during the years of my misspent youth.

Junk of the Month

2010 Allen & Ginter #54 Tony Hawk
2010 Allen & Ginter Monsters of the Mesozoic #MM10 Brachiosaurus

I actually like the Tony Hawk card. I lived in the town that Bam Margera (from Jack-Ass) hails from for about a decade. Regardless if you liked him or hated him, if you lived in that town during the Oughts you were going learn something about skateboarding.

Unfortunately this card came out of a retail pack bent. It was the top card of a pack from Target.

As I have stated before, I don't get putting big things on mini cards. The Dinosaur Cards perplex me. This one in particular bothers me because the Brachiosaurus has a waddle and looks like a chicken.

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