Thursday, March 5, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage the Originals - 1966 Topps

We have slowly been putting together a series of posts looking at different aspects of 1966 Topps/2015 Heritage.

 1966 Topps #80 Richie Allen
I haven't seen 2015H live yet, so most of these links are to posts that related to 1966 Topps. A few of these are for upcoming features that we hope to hit in the feature

Base cards #506 Bo Belinsky
Team Combo Cards
League Leader Cards (Ks Sonny Siebert Mystery)
Variations  #104 Alex Johnson (Traded Variation)
Phillies Checker comparison

HoF RC Fergie Jenkins
HoF Card and Hero Number #100 Sandy Koufax 
HoF RC Sutton 

Sources and Links
Dick Allen Player Collection Index

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Baseball Nut said...

You got blogs on your blog roll that haven't posted for over 2 years, but not ours, All About Cards. Wee've done over a weeks worth of posts on 1966 Topps and 2015 Heritage.

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