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The Rolling Stones 2006 February 1

Ten Years Ago I got to see one of my biggest bucket list concerts.

Ticket Stub 2006 February 1 The Rolling Stones in Baltimore

I have been to I am guessing around 200 concerts, but I prefer more intimate (and more affordable) venues, Thus I rarely get to see acts that are the stature of the Rolling Stones.

This Stones reputation comes with very high expectations for me, While I don't know the entirety of their catalog, I of course know all the soundtrack of your life stuff - and some deeper cuts on Albums like Let It Bleed and Exile.

As noted I had very high expectations and was not disappointed. I wouldn't place the show at the top of the list of concerts I have seen but it was definitely in the top tier.

1st Mariner Arena was the smallest venue of the tour (13,000) which some fans would term a club show. We were pretty far from the stage So I would call it small arena, we were under an overhang and sometimes the sound got muddy - one nice touch was that the band had a mobile stage which came out to our side of the arena for a mini-set. Overall I was very happy with the song selection with the setlist including several mandatories for me (Gimme Shelter and Sympathy), surprises like "Get of My Cloud" and closing with and encore of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and "Satisfaction"

Another interesting aspect of the show was the timing. It was the Stones last show prior to performing at Halftime of Superbowl XL in Detroit (Steelers 21, Seahawks 10). Two of the three songs that were performed on the National Broadcast were part of the Baltimore concert, "Start Me Up" and "Satisfaction". The Superbowl performance also included "Rough Justice" from the bands 2005 release "A Bigger Bang".

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Tony Burbs said...

They're at the top of my pipe dream bucket list. I too prefer smaller venues and concerts in the couple hundred range for one ticket don't really fall into my price range. Maybe someday, although I'm sure that time isn't on my side here.

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