Friday, November 14, 2008

Guest Author - Fielder's Choice!

Phungo would like to introduce Guest Author Dave from Fielder's Choice.

As I am sure you know Dave is a big Rays fans and I am a Phillies fan - We decided to bet on the World Series with the stakes being a few hobby packs plus a guest column on the winners blog. Well today, I get the day off while Dave will post here regarding a Phillies card and player (actually a legend).

Phungo is definitely fortunate to have Dave pen a column today and I hope all (both) of my readers enjoy Dave's piece.

Dave's Post will appear at 8pm (Eastern).

Team Phungo would also like to welcome any readers from Fielder's Choice, please check out the neighborhood. We are pretty Phillies centric, but I like to cover a lot of baseball and other topics as well.

I would also like to take time to plug a guess the Autograph contest called "Spot The Sig!" which Phungo will be running during the off-season. First Auto will be up Sunday Night.

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