Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spot the Sig! - Round 3

It's time for everybody's favorite game show Spot the Sig!

This week Sig is good for a Double to the first person who can guess who signed the autograph below:

The picture has been blown up to double size so don't let that confuse you.

And as usual there is bonus trivia this week - To get the bonus you must name a player who played the same position as this weeks Spot the Sig! subject on the Phungo Fantasy Baseball squad this past season. Ground Rule for the bonus is that each person is only allowed one guess, but we can have multiple winners as my team had more than one player at the position. Some hints on the bonus - it is a 10 team keeper league so the draft runs deep and we play National League only. Bonus is good for a stolen base if you have men on or a walk if you have the bases empty.


Cardboard Junkie - 1 Run in - Man on First
Stats on the Back - Man on 2nd
Cardboard Addiction - Man on First
Night Owl - Man on First

Spot the Sig! (STS) is a pretty simple concept - guess who's signature is presented each Sunday, score runs, and win cards. If you would like more background on STS or to check out the ground rules click here.


Patsearcher said...

JR Towles auto. Russell Martin was your catcher.

mmosley said...

I'll go with Doumit for the stolen base.

I am feeling that my runner will be on 2B for quite a while!

Joe Martelli Jr. said...

It's definately Towles, so for the steal, How about Geovany Soto?

deal said...

You Guys are correct - JR Towles. and PTBNL you also got one of the bonus's. There are two left. SO I am leaving this open till 9:30 PM tuesday.

Mark n Joe check in later today - if nobody guesses the other two by 9:30 tonite, I am offering up a second chance guesses.

PTBNL, Let me know, I am thinking your may be a Phils fan - would love to see you representin the Phightin's in the Spot the Sig! tournament.

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