Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NEW Phungo Game Show - Spot The Sig!

Ok last week we introduced Hall of Fame Thursday, this week we are introducing another off-season weekly feature. Spot The Sig! This is a simple game - each week, between now and lets say mid-February, I will present an autographed item, and open it up to readers to guess the author of the autograph. For openers I picked a pretty easy one I think.

Yep easy one right, on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is easyeasyeasy and 10 is hard like batting righty versus Brad Lidge, I am writing this one down as a 1 possibly a 2.

This week the signature is a on a baseball card - this won't be the case every week. Some weeks Spot The Sig (STS) will feature cards from other sports, or possibly on other items like balls and tickets. Some of the autos may not even be sports related.

Since I believe this is an easy auto, I will challenge you with this bonus question.

What set is this card from and what is the card number?


dayf said...

Well that's the Bull, but I have no idea what set it's from. '80 Topps maybe?

deal said...

Congrats we have a winner. I will leave this open till sometime tonight to see if anyone can get the bonus question.

capewood said...

1977 Topps #30. I don't actually have this card but its the only 1970's Luzinski card I don't have.

deal said...

Nope not 1977 Topps. Not a Topps product at all.

It is a very tough bonus question.

It is actually from a Phillies only release.

More info tomorrow.

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