Sunday, November 23, 2008

Spot The Sig! - Round 2

This weeks Spot The Sig! is a ticket autograph. This appears to be one of the tougher autos in the Phungo collection and is worth a Triple to the first person to identify the Auto in the comments section of this post.

If you are new to Spot The Sig!(STS) you can get some information and read the ground rules here. Basically each week the presented auto will be worth a baseball hit (Single Double Triple or Homer). Results are cumulative over several weeks and whoever scores the most runs via identifying the autos wins a stack of cards.

This is the second week of the contest which I intend to run for about 15 weeks – basically the duration of the Baseball off-season.

Recapping last weeks results - Mark from Stats on the Back guessed the Auto correctly for a double and Joe from Cardboard Addiction got the bonus question for a walk so the Spot The Sig Game status appears as Follows.

Stats on the Back has a Jose Reyes on 2nd

Cardboard Addiction has Kevin Youkilis (Greek God of walks) on first

Everybody else is on deck

It’s never too late to join the competition so leave a guess in the comments and maybe you will end up with some cards just in time for spring training.

Oh yeah I almost forgot the bonus question. As you may have noticed the Section, Row and Seat number have been painted over on the ticket - To get the bonus guess what the section, row, and seat number are for this ticket. The closest answer for each number gets the bonus. That’s right this week there are really 3 bonus questions. One person could get the entire bonus or more likely it will be split amongst three readers. The bonus is a stolen base if you have a man on base, or a walk if you have bases empty.

Good Luck!


night owl said...

Gosh, that is a toughy.

Julio Franco?

A complete guess on your seat, too: Section 207, Row 14, Seat 5.

dayf said...

Jeff Francoeur

Section 113, Row 6, seat 8

mmosley said...

Joey Dawley

Sect. 117, Row K, Seat 3

deal said...

Well done Dayf, You were probably the one person out there this wasnt't a tough one for. I will leave this open for till Tuesday night for guesses on the bonus question.

Just for clarification the section row and seat are all numbers. Mark if you would like to submit another guess for the row please do.

mmosley said...

Despite the lack of lettered rows, i'm sticking with K. I'm a rebel!

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