Sunday, January 17, 2010

1971 Topps Super Tim McCarver

For all those that dislike mr McCarver, I am Sorry about putting Tim McCarver and the word "Super" in the same title. But this post is specifically for Jim over at The Phillies Room, however everyone else is invited to enjoy it as well.

Last week Jim posted Topps 1971 Super Deron Johnson.

As Jim mentioned 71 Topps Super is a smaller set with 63 cards only two of which are Phils. The Deron Johnson posted by Jim and Tim McCarver is the other. As luck would have it, I only have one of the two Phils from 71 Topps Super and it happens to be McCarver:

1971 Topps Super #34 Tim McCarver

The image on the front of the card differs from McCarver's regular issue card from 1971.

1971 Topps #465 Tim McCarver

However the backs are identical except for the card numbers:

1971 Topps Super #34 Tim McCarver (b-side)
1971 Topps #465 Tim McCarver (b-side)

So Between us Jim and I have completed the Phillies 1971 Topps Super Team Set.

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Jim said...

Cool! Not that Tim McCarver is cool, but seeing the card is cool. You know what I mean . . .


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