Friday, January 22, 2010

Topps T206 Elvis Andrus Short Print

Ok last week when I made this post how comes none of you good folks told me about this:

2009 Topps T206 #138 mini Elvis Andrus (SP)
2009 Topps T206 #138 mini Elvis Andrus

The card on the left is from the retail pack opened in the referenced post, the latter card I picked up for a dime at a recent card show. That is when I first realized it was a short print.

Until then I thought I got a pretty average retail pack. As expected the short printed mini is a bit more desirable then the regular mini...

For the Collector

I was even more shocked to find out that it went for $8.50 PLUS $4.00 shipping on ebay!

Is that what T206 Short Prints go for?

I perused some completed auctions. A Jeter went for $36.00, Gordon Beckham (RC) for $14.00. There were several commons for under $4.00 which is wear I expected the Andrus to fall.


unclemoe said...



NMCLax24 said...

Woah, thanks for the research. I have the Jeter SP mini!

Anonymous said...

Short prints can go for all sorts of weird money. It's not so much the player or team collectors bidding them up, it's the set collectors (especially for these retro sets)!

gritz76 said...

Damn! I got Jeter and Pooh-holez. Time for some sellin'.

unclemoe said...

Andrus should be better than your average common. He's about to blow up in 2010!


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