Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Happy Trails Randy Johnson Phungo Challenge

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Ok in honor of the Big Unit retiring (300 Wins, nearly 5000 Ks, and 5 Cy Young Awards) Team Phungo invites all you internet Baseball-Reference research junkies to play Name the Game!

This is a quad sticker that was offered in a Topps Bazooka product. In the SouthEast corner you can see Randy Johnson tossing a pitch. Can you guess the date of the game Johnson is pitching in?

No Prizes - Just the Honor of Winning the First Phungo Challenge of the new Decade.


NMCLax24 said...

I'm gonna guess a 2001 playoff game against the Cardinals. NLDS: Ari vs. StL, game 2 Oct 10

Randy lost that game but it was the playoffs so it was most likely a night game (as shown in the picture). Also, there are people wearing red in the dugout, so I would guess that it was the series against the Cards. Game two was the only game that Randy pitched so thats how I arrived at my answer

deal said...

Good Guess NicoLax24 and pretty detailed sleuthwork, but I don't believe that is the game.

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