Friday, January 29, 2010

Sloppy and Insulting Topps - The Cards that Keith's Mom threw Out!

This card can only be a card you mom through out if your a certain MS-NBC commentator.

Your mom couldn't have thrown this card out because TOPPS NEVER LET YOU HAVE IT!!!

Topps is laughing at you 2006 Set Builders Now!

In lieu of displaying the Insulting Topps Card we here at team Phungo Bring you:

2009 Phungo #4 Alex Gordon

This card is actually from last years Phungo Set. I thought for sure I would get through all of them, but fell far short. In all 2009 Phungo consisted of 64 Base Cards plus 15 Inserts. I probably got to just under half of them. The rest will make it out there eventually. There is no rush. And I will publish a checklist one of these days. I will tell you that if you wish to build the entire 2009 set, The Alex Gordon's were NOT pulled from production.

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