Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's feeling like a Card Show Saturday

Exton Mall Card Show - Exton PA.

Probably going there early in the afternoon. Looking for Phils, perusing dime boxes, and Dollar Vintage cards I think.

For some more information regarding the show click here.

I expect roughly 20 tables. 3 or 4 dealers have good dime boxes. 1 maybe 2 with more expensive vintage in better condition. Hopefully one with vintage in more fair condition and possibly 1 guy that has bunches of unopened boxes.

There are also several tables of other memorabilia like Jerseys and Helmets.

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deal said...

Card show was pretty weak this time out, not even sure if I have enough worth posting. $14 spent - picked up a couple of cards for my Phils collection and my Phils Documentery cards also.

Some 09 A&G cards were also purchased

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