Saturday, January 30, 2010

Swag from Night Owl Cards and......

You guessed it - A Bipping!
Bipped by an Angel! Jim Abbot Bipping. 1989 Pacific Baseball Best #4 Jim Abbott (Bippage)

Night Owl was also good enough to throw in a couple dozen Phillies - many of which filled in some embarrassing gaps in the Phungo collection.

2009 Allen Ginter National Pride #NP47 Ryan Howard
2009 Allen Ginter mini #165 Chase Utley

I like the Allen Ginter cards, but did not actively collect them last year. I did participate in a group break held by Dave over at Tribe Cards that netted me several of the Phils - Both of these inserts were new though.

2006 Topps Rookie of the Week #17 of 25 Mike Schmidt
1971 Topps #92 Fred Wenz

Night Owl also sent a couple of vintage cards like the Fred Wenz card above, as well as some retro cards like the Mike Schmidt card. The Schmidt Card is based off of his 1973 Rookie Card, which Dave from Fielder's Choice wrote about here back in November of 2008.

2005 Topps Gold #UH87 Charlie Manuel (#d 430/2005)

I will close with the Phils current Manager Charlie Manuel, who was once a Dodger.

These cards were just a small sampling of the great bunch of cards from Night Owl. I am sure several of them will show up in other postings in the future.

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night owl said...

Hee-hee. I couldn't resist bipping someone with the Abbott cards. I think it's such a cool card that I didn't even mind having 10 of them.

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