Monday, February 9, 2009

Card Show - Moorestown Mall, NJ

I visited a card show in Moorestown New Jersey this weekend and these are the results:

$20.00 - 12 packs of 2009 Topps Hobby.
This is what I am calling my Card Show 09 Topps Blaster. I Will feature the results in a future post.
20.00 - 4 packs of 2009 UD Hobby. This would be my Card Show 09 UD Blaster. The dealer was good enough to toss in a grab box of cards with the cards. As with the Topps cards above this will be the subject of a future post.
1.00 - 1 pack of Beavis and Butthead cards. couldn't pass them up.
5.00 - dime box 1
5.00 - dime box 2
3.00 - 6 vintage Tipton's from 1954-70 in pretty rough condition
Total damage 54.00.

The vintage Tipton's consisted of a 1954 Topps Ray Murray, a couple of 58s and a 1970 Denny McClain card.

1958 #414 Sammy White
1970 #400 Denny McLain

The bulk of my picks from Dime Box 1 were 1994 Fleer Flair cards. I don't like the look as much as the 1993, but it is still a good looking card. The rest of that batch was basically HOF and star cards from all those overprinted late 80s series.
1992 Action Packed #69 Bill Mazeroski
2005 Bowman Chrome #131 Jeff Kent
1994 Fleer Flair #334 Rickey Henderson
1982 Donruss #483 Eddie Murray

From Dime Box 2 I went after more of the HOF and star cards including some Schmidt and Carlton Cards. I was also inspired by 30 Year old Cardboard and picked up about a half dozen 83 Super Veterans. Other cards in this lot included about a dozen chrome stars and a couple of 1973 and 1974 commons.


After hearing horror stories on pack prices I was really happy to pick up the Topps cards at 12 for 20. Of course I could be the victim of dealer pack searching, but if not the price for the topps cards is cheaper then the per pack price works out to if I had bought a Box from D&A. I was thinking of doing a Retail v Hobby of 09 Topps, getting $20 of each product. But I am pretty sure the retail blaster cannot compete with 12 hobby packs.

The 4 for 20.00 for the UD Hobby was what I was shooting for, I asked for the grab box as part of a volume discount and the dealer was good enough to oblige. I figure if all the cards in the bag are worthless, I can still use the plastic case.

Like I said I was pretty happy. I figure the two dime boxes yielded over a hundred cards of HOFs, Superstars, Phillies, or interesting oddballs for half the price of a blaster.


The most consistently Phungo posts to be accessed via Google Search are my Card Show posts. For this reason I have put together a post just for Card Show resources and information in the greater Philadelphia area. The informational Post can be accessed here and also via a link on the sidebar.

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