Monday, February 9, 2009

Philadelphia area Card Show Information Links and Resources

According to Sitemeter the Phungo Card Show related posts are on the frequent flier lists via Google Search.
This post is a summary of some local Philadelphia/Central PA/DE/MD/NJ resources that I use to keep up with the local card show scene.
Generally, somewhere in the area, there is a show at some area mall. The shows run about 15-20 tables, which is plenty for me. The vendors are often the same. Typically there are a couple of folks with dime boxes, one guy I check with has a Philllies Dime Box. Two guys with quality vintage which is above my price range. a couple of vendors with new hobby boxes at competitive prices - and no tax! and one or two tables with supplies. There are other things I am less interested in - higher priced autos and graded cards etc. and football cards too.

SB Sports Promotions produces the Philadelphia/South Jersey/Wilmington Shows

I have been to their shows in Exton and Wilmington DE (both fair) and Moorestown NJ which was a pretty good one. i

They also have autograph signings at about 1 show a month, but they charge for them, and I think they seem overpriced.

CC Collectibles runs shows in the South Central PA area.
I have only been to one of their shows, in Bel Air MD, which was an ok show.

Two or three times a year Hunt Auctions brings The Philadelphia Sportscard and Memorabilia Show to the Valley Forge Convention center. Click the link for updated information. produces shows in the Philadelphia area as well.

This the link to Beckett's state by state card show finder

Here are some links to my local card shops - there are so few around anymore.

Carl's Cards

There is also the BC collectibles chain, which is very expensive - but one could buy cards there in a pinch. They also have high priced auto signings and sell lots of memorabilia.


capewood said...

When I lived in the Philadelphia area (I moved to Texas in 1995) I seem to remember that there was some free card show somewhere close (I lived in Warminster) almost every weekend. There was a monthly show at the National Guard Armory in NE Philly. There was a show at a monthly small mall in Hatboro. There was monthly show in Fort Washington. And there were a couple of monthly big flea markets which always attracted 4 or 5 card dealers. There was nothing like this in the Houston area when I moved here and there still isn't. Thank God for eBay.

deal said...

Clubhouse Sports - Ridley Park

deal said...

deal said...

card shop Granite Run Mall

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